Why you should take CBD under your tongue?

Research has shown that to absorb more CBD, it is best to put it under the tongue. Among the different CBD brands is the Jade botanical garden CBD and we are known for our quality products. Our CBD products can be taken through any means but we generally recommend our products to be taken under the tongue.

Taking CBD under the tongue

Every day there seems to be different news about CBD and its reaction with the cells in the human body to both create a balance and to support health. Currently, numerous articles and studies on the benefits of CBD seem to be trending everywhere. The most important factor surrounds the fact that for CBD to work, it must be well absorbed by the human body especially through the bloodstream, where it works with the receptors and help strengthen the muscles.



CBD Oil oral consumption must first be absorbed and broken down by the body’s digestive system. Straight from the stomach, it moves to the liver where it is broken down by different enzymes before dishing out the remnants of compounds into the bloodstream. This process although being effective cannot be compared to the faster, sublingual method and this technique has been scientifically proven.



The sublingual technique, also known as the under the tongue method, is tested to work faster than the oral technique. If CBD oil is kept under the tongue for about 60-90 seconds before being swallowed, the various mucus membranes in the mouth suck up the compounds. The good news about this method is that it allows the CBD to fully bypass both the human digestive system and liver metabolism. This method prevents the compounds from being broken down by enzymes and reaches the bloodstream quickly.

A recent study using rabbits contrasted the absorption of both oral and sublingual methods. The results of this research showed that CBD Oil consumed sublingually showed important higher bioavailability than oral consumption. The absorption rate using the under the tongue method shows how fast you can expect CBD Oil products to work in the human body. Passing through the digestive system before reaching the liver is a long process. Essentially both may do the same work, but the sublingual process works expeditiously.

Now that you are conversant of a faster way to consume CBD Oil product, it is left for you to try out this new method. Jades Botanical Garden CBD Oil can all be absorbed through the sublingual means. If you want to be educated on the various CBD products we generally take pleasure in enlightening our customers. Our company is one of the most popular distributors of CBD products in buffalo NY and our products are THC free with no harsh chemicals in our premium hemp products. Our conviction still stands and we know that the under the tongue method is the most effective and efficient way to reap its potential benefits.

CBD under your tongue