The sexual health of women, can CBD help?

Over the years, CBD has garnered much attention. When it comes to reducing pain or suffering from crippling illnesses, CBD is one of the most helpful chemicals you can put in or on your body. It has also been discovered to offer many other advantages, such as lowering anxiety, easing motion sickness, improving emotions, and more!

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The Science of CBD and Your Sexual Health

The endocannabinoid system, made up of small receptors distributed throughout the body, controls several bodily processes in women. These receptors serve as locks that the key, in this case, CBD, may be used to open. The body responds to CBD indirectly in several ways, including as an anti-inflammatory and an anticonvulsant.

Relaxation and other sexual advantages result from these anti-inflammatory and anticonvulsant qualities, such as:

Cannabis sativa: The plant from which marijuana and CBD are derived has long been utilized as a part of an old Indian technique to enhance ejaculatory function and sexual performance, especially in women.

Lubrication: Several CBD producers add CBD to their lubricant due to its anti-inflammatory properties. Users have reported that this boosts lubrication and makes them much more relaxed during intercourse.

Sex Desire: According to one idea, women with low sex drive might benefit by stimulating the cannabinoid receptor in the brain.

The Modern Pleasure Rule

Men have several medications, including Viagra, Cialis, and others, for treating sexual dysfunction. Women don’t have many alternatives, and some solutions aren’t nearly as effective. According to Stacia Woodcock, PharmD, the dispensary manager of cannabis firm Curaleaf, which has more than 100 sites across the United States, this may be why alternative treatments like cannabidiol (CBD) are becoming increasingly well-known as a boost for female pleasure.

According to Dweck, when used topically, such as in a CBD-infused lubricant, the substance may help lessen the discomfort felt by women during sex. According to her, “for many women, the muscles in the vagina contract in anticipation of pain during intercourse, making penetration difficult.” While the exact cause is unclear, Dweck speculates that the relaxing and anti-inflammatory qualities of cannabidiol (CBD) may encourage relaxation in specific muscles.

According to state rules, you may even purchase CBD with THC, the psychoactive compound that gives you a high. To maximize the benefits of each ingredient, Woodcock advises looking for cannabis products with a small amount of THC (2.5 to 5 mg), which is often “less than euphoric”: You can benefit from their effects without becoming too high if you find the correct CBD to THC ratio, according to research.

Start with a lesser dose (5 to 10 mg) if you’re new to CBD, and observe your reactions. Or you can try a CBD without THC, we suggest Jade’s Botanical Garden. Jade’s Botanical Garden has Broad Spectrum CBD which is without THC, however we are expecting to expand our offerings. It’s a good idea to discuss this with your physician, regardless. Even while the method might be error-prone, you’ll enjoy your experiments at the very least.

Before entering the bedroom, use CBD.

Whether you use CBD as a lubricant or consume it orally, it may not start working immediately. To give it enough time to work, start taking it or applying it 30 to 60 minutes before you enter the bedroom. This has proven over the years to work for women who may have problems enjoying sexual pleasure.